Founded in 2018, Physiomotion Lab is dedicated in providing high quality physical therapy as well as continue education course.

The name “Physiomotion Lab“ consists of three core concepts -
PHYSIO: is s prefix of physical. It indicates both our professional as a physical therapist and the idea of holistic care.
MOTION: represents one of the most important element in the treatment. Better movement is the foundation of whole body wellness
LAB: shows our passion to explore the possibility of relationship between human movement and body dysfunction. Helping us provide the best individualized treatment to our clients.

In Physiomotion Lab, we believe in evidence based practice but also respect the difference of every clients’ need; some may want to get rid of pain, some may want to run faster, or even just simply want to be healthier.

Our mission is simple:
Regain body ability to be a human in the way you want